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Former Assets of Pharmaceutical Manufacturer: Liquipharm Inc.


Sold as one complete package:

Two Approved Abbreviated New Drug Applications (ANDA's): Trihexyphenidyl Elixir (generic Artane) ANDA No. 89-514, and Metoclopramide Syrup (generic Reglan), ANDA No. 71-402.

Federal Trademarks: Liquipharm, Ferglucon (For Ferrous Gluconate Elixir), and Pododern (For Podophyllum Resin Topical Solution)

Domain Name: NDC (National Drug Code) Number: 54198 UPC No.: 744134

Liquid Formulas, manufacturing processes, assay methods, and/or stability data for:

Generics for: Alpha Keri Oil (Therapeutic Bath Oil), Antiminth (Pyrantel Pamoate suspension), Asbron-G (Theophylline Sodium Glycinate and Guaifenesin), Bromfed DM (Brompheniramine Maleate, Psuedoephedrine, Dextromethorphan HBr), Calcidrine (Calcium Iodide and Codeine), Calciferol/Drisdol (Vitamin D solution), Dallergy Syrup (Chlorpheniramine Maleate, Phenylephrine, Methscopalamine Nitrate), Mylicon Drops (Simethicone), Neo-Calglucon Syrup (Calcium Glubionate), Noctec Syrup (Chloral Hydrate), Nucofed (Codeine, Pseudoephedrine, and Guiafenesin), Nucofed Pediatric (Codeine, Pseudoephedrine, and Guiafenesin), Phos-Flur (Phosphate Fluoride Cherry, Grape, Cool Mint, Cinnamon), Triaminic Rx Drops (Phenylpropanolamine HCl, Pheniramine Maleate, Pyrilamine Maleate), Naldecon Rx Drops (Phenylpropanolamine HCl, Phenylephrine HCl, Phenyltoloxamine Citrate, Chlorpheniramine Maleate), Bicitra (Sodium Citrate and Citric Acid), Senekot Syrup (Senna Syrup), X-Prep (Senna Concentrate), Auralgan Otic (Antipyrine and Benzocaine), Chloraseptic, Morphine Elixir, Morphine Concentrate, Lanoxin Elixir (Digoxin), Levsin Elixir (Hyoscyamine), Levsin Drops (Hyoscyamine), Luride Drops (Sodium Fluoride), Melatonin Liquid, Polyhistine (Phenyltoloxamine Citrate, Pyrilamine Maleate, Pheniramine Maleate), Polyhistine D (Phenylpropanolamine HCl, Phenyltoloxamine Citrate, Pyrilamine Maleate, Pheniramine Maleate), Polyhistine DM ( Dextromethorphan HBr, Phenylpropanolamine HCl, and Brompheniramine Maleate), Polyhistine CS (Brompheniramine Maleate, Codeine Phosphate, and Pheylpropanolamine HCl), Fergon Elixir (Ferrous Gluconate), Histussin HC/Endal HD (Phenylephrine, Chlorpheniramine Maleate, Hydrocodone Bitartrate), Rondec DM Syrup and Drops (Carbonoxamine Maleate, Pseudoephedrine, and Dextromethorphan HBr), Rondec Syrup and Drops (Carbonoxamine Maleate, Pseudoephedrine HCl), Rynatan Suspension (Pheylephrine Tannate, Chlorpheniramine Tannate, Pyrilamine Tannate), Trilisate (Choline Magnesium Trisalicylate), Tussar DM (Dextromethorphan HBr, Chlorpheniramine Maleate, and Phenylephrine HCl), Colace Syrup and Liquid (Docusate Sodium), Sorbitol 70% solution, Cascara Sagrada Fluid Extract.

Bid Due Date: September 30, 2001, 5:00 PM EST

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